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 What is Body Code?

The Body Code is an advanced wellness method developed by holistic chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelson, It's built on the premise that true healing comes from being balanced in 6 ways: 


The Body Code uses simple energy work designed to remove potentially damaging emotional and mental energies.


Circuitry Systems like chakras, acupuncture, meridians, energy circuits of the organs and glands, and the body/spirit connection. 


The Body Code is intended to identify and address possible harmful toxins that may not show up in traditional tests.


The Body Code can help pinpoint imbalances in bones, organs, muscles, nerves and corrective tissues and gently correct them. 


This process is designed to help identify potentially destructive, elusive pathogens so they can be corrected.


Lifestyle imbalances can be identified in areas like nutrition deficiencies, dehydration, activities, or the need for bodywork

Is your body in balance? One of the most important ideas behind holistic health and energy healing is that the human body has an incredible ability to bounce back. And that, with the right balance, your body can recover from all kinds of discomforts and diseases. However, imbalance may allow physical or emotional obstacles to build up over time. Sadly, it seems that much of the population is in an unbalanced state in one way or another. Few of us honestly claim to feel 100% well (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) 100% of the time. But while imbalance is extremely common, it may also be extremely easy to resolve. The Body Code can help identify and correct imbalances in your body. 

We believe the subconscious mind is the ultimate intelligence, like a highly advanced computer system. Our premise is that it knows everything you need in order to be healthy and happy. Body Code sessions are brief, simple, and non-invasive. The Body Code is designed to get answers about your health directly from your subconscious. It uses specific questioning, charts, and muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) to get those answers. Often, this helps us to identify imbalances that, once resolved, may allow full health to return. We can then release those imbalances through magnetic energy and principles of ancient Chinese medicine. We may also identify what actions might be needed to restore balance. 
The Body Code could help you! Due to the reported experience of thousands, we believe The Body Code works because it allows us to find specific problems or imbalances and remove them, It's as simple as that.  

Users of The Body Code have reported getting help with*: Digestive trouble, bedwetting, hormonal issues, chronic discomfort, organ function, emotional distress, reliving bad experiences, fatigue, learning problems, joint problems, muscle soreness, night terrors, sleep issues, anxiousness, weight and food issues, sinus trouble and much more

*Divinity Healing & Wellness can't guarantee any specific results and reported results do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using The Body Code.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming certified as an Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner, 
click here to get started!

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