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 What happens in an
Energy Healing Session?

We let your subconscious take the lead on exactly what your body indicates that it needs for optimal balance.

Step 1.

The Practitioner will meditate, pray and ask for divine guidance and permission to connect to the client. Session are conducted by proxy which means the practitioner will stand in for you. You are not required to be available during the session & distance is not a factor, results are emailed to you. The Practitioner will stand in for the client & petition God to identify the root causes of issue. The energy shift comes from God and the client’s subconscious mind. Click here to read about your Practitioner.

Step 2.

The Practitioner will go through a series of questions to ensure that it is in the client's highest truth and good to receive healing, that the client is truly open to receiving healing and that the client is shielded from negative energies.

Step 3.

The Practitioner will conduct an initial evaluation (depending on session) to see how things are looking - this will let us know of possible misalignments, heart-walls, unhappy/unbalanced organs, pathogens, toxins, etc. 

Step 4.

We will determine which path to energy healing we need to follow based on the appointment you selected. We build your session by going down your evaluation results and testing which of those items need to be addressed first. We then go down the list of all our tools, charts, and arsenal of modalities and ask your subconscious exactly which technique(s) you need for that particular issue. We follow this same cycle for each item your subconscious mind indicates that we need to work on. This is a very custom-tailored session literally guided by your subconscious. Read more about our modalities under what is Energy Healing.

Step 5.

Once the session actually begins, we find and get to the imbalances in the various different areas of the body in order to start correcting them by reading the intelligence within you, via muscle testing/kinesiology, and providing you with the responses your subconscious mind has indicated. We wrap up the session with letting you know how many days your body indicates that it needs to process, if a follow up session may be needed and any recommendations that may help with your healing process. 

After a session some people feel small "echoes" of stuck emotions that have left them, some people may sweat a lot, some people sneeze or yawn, some people find relief from physical pain and anxiety, and some have strange dreams - All of this is the body's way of processing and letting go. If you find new pains are coming up for you, this is most likely new imbalances being pushed to the surface. Once the subconscious catches on that the body is being helped, it becomes eager to continue. Go easy on yourself after each session, you've just shed several "energetic pounds" of unwanted energetic baggage. Try to get some rest, drink plenty of water and consider taking a soothing shower or bath!
Lastly, Just remember to be patient with the energetic healing process. It takes time and steady determination to heal these imbalances. Our society has trained us for instant gratification, but in most cases, it doesn't work that way. If you truly want to heal, you must be willing to put in the time and effort. But I can promise you, it's well worth it! Releasing energetic imbalances can be a bit like an archaeological dig. Imbalances are often stacked on top of each other and with each release, new ones become visible and ready to be removed. Sometimes, this means that the solution to what you seek won't show itself unless you keep digging. Energetic imbalances began forming in large numbers when you were a baby. By the time you were just a few years old, you had a virtual mountain of them; almost immeasurable in number. These numbers are even larger depending on age and how much trauma a person has been through.

The subconscious mind is in charge of organizing and hiding these imbalances in compartments it creates -as a way to reduce their power to hurt you. Imbalances weaken the immune system, making you susceptible to disease, degeneration, and emotional and mental distress. Your subconscious mind is literally keeping you alive under the burden of these imbalances.  The removal of them is a CAREFUL PROCESS. Your practitioner works with the subconscious mind to remove as many imbalances as possible in each session without taking too much. If too much is removed at once, it can cause extreme detox symptoms and emotional pain. The subconscious mind does not want this! It is very protective and will do anything to keep you safe. This means that you will see many of the same types of imbalances coming up in each session. Each imbalance must be removed little by little until they are finally cleared. You may have sessions where you feel like a lot of things didn't come out (maybe a handful of things came up) then you may have the session where the switch flips and your body allows us to remove layer upon layer of imbalances (these are the sessions when you know big changes are about to happen). 
Remember although some sessions may often feel like therapy or even a medical ah-ha moment - I am not a doctor and this is not therapy. I am only relaying the information to you, that I am reading from the intelligence within you. I cannot and will not diagnose you nor make any promise to cure you. I am in no way a replacement for your doctor or any treatment plans you have with them. Energy healing is a complementary modality that shouldn't exclude any medicine you are taking or treatments you are receiving. 

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