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 What is Angel Healing?

Taking sessions to the next level.
Prayer, meditation and asking for divine guidance


By using the processes taught and aligning with the Divine, Love, and Angel Energy Healing; your sessions will promote healing and an uplifting in your life by aligning more fully with your Higher Self and with the Divine.

During a session, we will be able to help energetically cleanse and uplift situations in your life. You will naturally align more fully with your authentic path and purpose. Working with the Divine, according to Divine will for the highest and greatest good. The Practitioner will use this method of healing much like intercessory prayer in order to step in for the client and gain the insight to intuitively drive the session to exactly where the higher self needs us to go in order to stimulate healing.

Another amazing modality that relies upon divine guidance and direction to assist in getting to the source of stuck emotional energies, requests from the higher self, energetic imbalances, subconscious imbalances, spiritual imbalances, & energetic blocks are the Keys to Freedom Energy Clearing System that was created and designed by author and Reiki Master, Samantha Red Wolf. The system was created to be used with the help of Archangels. 

Sessions are conducted by proxy which means the Practitioner will stand in for you. The Practitioner will stand in for the client & petition God to identify the root causes of the issue. The energy shift comes from God and the client’s subconscious mind

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