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Experience Holistic Healing
Like Never Before!

Owner & Practitioner, Jennifer Campbell

Photo by Payton Campbell

Welcome, I'm Jennifer

I am the Owner and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner of Divinity Healing & Wellness.


I specialize in helping high-achieving moms who secretly suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety to rediscover joy and live a life they truly love. 


My focus is to uncover the root cause of your challenges, to enhance your health, quality of life, and well-being while offering unwavering support throughout your journey.


With a deep comprehension of the mind-body-spirit connection gained from extensive training and experience, complemented by the principles of my Christian faith, my mission is to facilitate healing, growth, and the realization of your fullest potential for you and your family.


From Energy Healing and Naturopathic Techniques to our Quantum Wellness Center - the array of services offered at Divinity Healing & Wellness has you covered.


I look forward to walking this healing journey with you!

Our Holistic & Naturopathic
Specialties Include:

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Discover the Path to Radiant Transformation and Empowerment!

Energy Healing
Quantum Healing
Bach Remedies
Facial Analysis
Holistic Health & Wellness Consults

Simply stated I help high-achieving moms who secretly suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety
to rediscover joy and live a life they truly love

Unlock Your Inner Radiance: At Divinity Healing & Wellness, we believe in your innate power to heal, transform, and thrive. Our holistic approach merges the wisdom of ancient healing practices with the advancements of modern science, offering a transformative journey towards well-being, vitality, and inner harmony.

Quantum Wellness Unleashed: Immerse yourself in the forefront of well-being where cutting-edge meets centuries-old science with our revolutionary quantum technologies.


  • Encounter the enigmatic AO Scanner, unveiling the intricacies of your energy field.


  • Traverse realms of deep relaxation and rejuvenation while you lay on the Infinity Mat and drift away within the hypnotic trance of the Theta Chamber.


  • Sit in our Energy Room as the Zero Point Plasma Ion Suite (ZPPIS) envelops you in its harmonious embrace. Harness the rhythmic dance of induction, rife, and scalar waves harmonizing both with and throughout your body, while the soothing shower of negative ions ignites your inner potential and transformative energies.


  • Enhance your journey with the innovative AO Infinity Foot Detox, where radio frequency gently raises your body's internal temperature to accelerate your metabolism, and break down toxins and waste.


  • Elevate your healing experience with the unique Infinity Wand, as it emits deep penetrating and rejuvenating properties of Terahertz frequencies, red and blue light healing, gold and silver ionic exchange, and the ancient wisdom of crystal healing frequencies from semi-precious stones, as the warm healing air caresses your body.

Elevate Your Energy: Immerse yourself in energy healing, guided by your Master Practitioner.

  • Feel the currents of resetting emotions and imbalances through the Emotion Code, Body Code, Global Energy Method, Divinity Method, and Keys to Freedom.


  • Recognize the transformative pulse of releasing trauma, negative programs, limiting beliefs, faulty core beliefs, faulty core identities, and the dynamic force of finding root causes and breaking free of old problems and habits with Belief Code, PSYCH-K, and Theta Healing.


  • Embrace the elevation of your inner radiance as we use natural methods to uncover and address imbalances at the root of chronic conditions, sensitivities, pains, issues, and goal blocks. We test, balance, and reset your body's power to heal to get to the bottom of your health issues. Your conscious mind may not know the answers, but your subconscious mind does. Discover firsthand how brilliantly God truly created us with the intelligence he placed within us.  

Naturopathic Renaissance: Embark on a holistic renaissance as our personalized wellness plans infuse the wisdom of nature into your existence.


  • Dive deep into the transformative power of SHAPE ReClaimed, a program designed to cleanse and revitalize your body.


  • Unveil your body's secrets through iridology and facial analysis assessments, and embrace the alchemical properties of herbal remedies and the power of Bach flower essences.


  • Let emotional healing techniques, empowerment coaching, and the proven benefits of naturopathic techniques be your compass to transformation. 

Empowerment Through Healing: Awaken the force within to transcend stress, depression, and anxiety. Engage in the transformative process of emotional liberation, emerging as a phoenix of self-discovery, resilience, and unbridled passion.

A Sanctuary for Empowered Women: Divinity Healing & Wellness is more than a sanctuary; it's a sacred haven designed exclusively for you. Embark on a journey tailored to the empowered woman. Forge connections with kindred spirits, united in the quest for balance and transformation.

Embark Now: Unshackle the past, embrace the present, and design a future ablaze with well-being, self-love, and boundless joy. Ignite the fire of transformation within you. Let Divinity Healing & Wellness be your vessel, guiding you toward the radiant well-being you deserve. Discover the fusion of timeless wisdom and modern marvels, used to reclaim your emotional and physical health and create a life resplendent with love, serenity, and purpose.


The beauty of this work is that Divinity Healing & Wellness can offer most of our services to clients worldwide as most sessions are conducted remotely and are not limited by location or distance between the client and practitioner. 

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