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  • 15 min
  • 29 US dollars

Service Description

The Vitals Scan mode of the AO Scan Technology performs a complete scan of over 550 Blueprint Frequencies associated with each bodily function and performs the analysis in under one minute. This specific scan is a concise snapshot of the Blueprint Frequencies in relationship to the frequencies being produced by the blood, organs, glands, and systems of the body. Food Sensitivity Report: Displays how different foods may be causing balances or imbalances within the body. Blood report: Covers a range of blood measurements and displays frequency levels in range and out of range. Chakra report: Displays whether a person’s chakra centers are off balance. The report displays each category as frequency levels in range and out of range. Gastrointestinal report: Displays the balances or imbalances of the Gastrointestinal system frequencies. It displays frequency levels in range and out of range. Meridian report: Displays the imbalances of the 12 Meridian lines. Meridian lines are the energy lines that can be low (blue), normal (green), or high (red) functioning. Nutritional report: Displays normal or deficient measurements of mineral, vitamin, amino acid, and enzyme frequencies of the body. Physical Functionality report: Displays frequency levels in range and out of range associated with a person’s physical ability, bone, muscle, brain, and cardiovascular health, hormone, immunity, and organ health. Toxicities report: Displays positive or negative frequency levels of toxicities, including possible allergies, bacteria, fungus, heavy metals, and man-made toxins.

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