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  • 45 min
  • 89 US dollars

Service Description

** All Reports will be sent by 10 pm central regardless of session time ** Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentation, and structure of the iris or colored portion of the eye as they relate genetically through reflex responses to the potential strengths and weaknesses of the body system. It is not diagnostic, but rather a modality to look for potential health weaknesses and deficiencies that may be reflected from the body in the iris. An intake form will be provided for you to fill out to share the main concern you'd like addressed. You will also provide clear photos of both irises for analysis. The form and photos must be submitted before your appointment. At the time of your appointment, the Master Iridologist will review your information forms and photos, then email you a copy of your basic analysis along with recommendations focused on the reason for your visit as well recommendations geared towards the findings of the analysis. If supplemental recommendations are made a link to purchase the recommendations through our dispensary at wholesale pricing will also be provided. ** Your analysis will only be as good as the pictures you provide, therefore it is imperative to upload clear photos, with correct lighting that highlights the markers of the iris ** ** This consultation does not include the purchase of any supplements/herbal remedies. The client understands we are not doctors, and this is not a replacement for medical treatment, nor is it a diagnosis. It is solely the client's responsibility to consult with their doctor or pharmacist before taking any recommendations. Divinity Healing & Wellness, and Divinity Healing and Wellness Association will not be held liable for the client choosing to purchase or use any of the recommendations made. **

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