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Get Your Skinny Drops!

Get Your Skinny Drops!

Naturally Balance the Body, Mood, Hormones, and Release Weight!


The drops go under your tongue 3 x a day (usually before each meal). They suppress your appetite and balance hormones while supporting proper thyroid levels, digestion, and sugar levels. As a result ladies typically lose about 1/2 Ib per day on our program and men around 3/4 lb. These are all-natural homeopathic drops, that are hormone-free, and stimulant free.


There are no counting calories with this program. You can eat all protein except pork. The program teaches good, better, and best fruits, swaps for foods and oils, and you can have almost all veggies. This is the simplest system ever, take the drops and eat all you want from the anti-inflammatory foods! 🎉🎊


There have not been any side effects due to medications reported. We are supporting the body, not making it react to a medication. That’s why the drops are so popular because people can safely consume them, but If you have any issues we can likely get in contact with one of the doctors I partner with who are the creators of all the formulas. 


After using the drops and reaching your goal weight, your metabolism has been shifted. Some people stay on the drops just for mood, hormone balance, craving control, and energy support. However, you can transition off the drops and onto healthy supplements to maintain your weight by eating from the approved food list 80% of the time. Your body is now a fat-burning machine and you know a lifestyle to maintain for life.


I buy the drops in bulk and can get them to you for $167. They are usually $200 so you save just over $33 on the purchase!! A set of drops will last you 1 month.


If you are interested in purchasing in bulk, please contact me at

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